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bohemianvermont's Journal

events & whatnot
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I'm going to be using this to track shows, events, happenings, etc in the vermont/nh/me/ma/upstate ny/montreal area, mostly.

Main Entry: Bo·he·mi·an
Pronunciation: -mE-&n
Function: noun
1 a : a native or inhabitant of Bohemia b : the group of Czech dialects used in Bohemia
2 often not capitalized a : VAGABOND, WANDERER; especially : GYPSY
b : a person (as a writer or an artist) living an unconventional life usually in a colony with others

also, handmade house/alternative house/pretty things over at:
affordable housing, airstreams, alternative energy, alternative healing, alternative living, anarchy, anti-capitalism, anti-corporate, anti-war, apocalyptic folk, autoharps, ayurveda, backcountry, banjos, biodiesel, birch trees, bones, bonfires, bookbinding, bookstores, bread and puppet, burlesque, busking, calico, cheap living, chosen community, circus arts, clogging, co-operatives, collectives, communal living, communes, composting, conservation, counter culture, crafting, crafts, creative living, crochet, d.i.y., diy, dowsing, dulcimers, ecovillages, environmentalism, equal rights, experimental music, farms, feathers, feminism, ferns, fiddleheads, fiddling, fleamarkets, folk, folk dancing, folklore, food not bombs, forests, francesca lia block, freecycle, gardening, gay marriage, glass blowing, grassroots, green anarchy, green building, green party, hammocks, handmade, handmade homes, harpsichords, healing, herb lore, herbalism, hippies, holistic healing, homesteading, human rights, humanity, identifying plants, independent media, knitting, langdon street cafe, metalsmithing, moonshine, mosiacs, mountain music, multiculturalism, music, musicians and dancers, native american plant use, native plants, natural foods, natural healing, nature, organic, organic produce, performance art, political activism, porch music, pottery, punk, quartz, quilting, recycling, renegades, renewable energy, renewable resources, reproductive rights, reusing, revolution, secession, self sufficiency, serenity, sewing, shape note songs, sharing, silkscreening, silversmithing, slowing down, solar energy, stained glass, stones, survival techniques, sustainability, sustainable energy, sustainable living, tea houses, tea parties, tea rooms, thistle, thrift, train hopping, treehouses, truancy, underground economy, veganism, vegetarians, vermont, vintage, weaving, wildcrafting herbs, wilderness survival, witchery, yard sales, zine distros, zines